Financial Institutions

Partner Institutions

REGMIFA partners with regulated and non-regulated microfinance institutions, local commercial banks and other financial institutions (each a Partner Lending Institution or PLI), which are established in Sub-Saharan African countries and serve micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).


Eligibility criteria:

  • Mission to serve principally MSMEs
  • Minimum of USD 1,000,000 in assets
  • Minimum track record of 3 years (in principle)
  • Commercially sustainable or showing strong prospects for profitability
  • Externally audited
  • Committed to transmit quality information on a monthly basis and accept a yearly due diligence visit
  • Commitment to social principles


Product and Support offering

REGMIFA offers two types of products – medium/long term debt financing and Technical Assistance support.

  • Medium/long term debt financing

    REGMIFA's offers senior unsecured debt in local currency as well as hard currency and helps address maturity mismatches faced by institutions by offering medium to long-term maturities. REGMIFA offers instruments such as subordinated debts, term deposits and guarantee schemes.

  • Technical Assistance support

    REGMIFA also offers technical assistance support, mainly in areas such as governance, business planning, risk management, internal control, product development, human resources, finance and accounting, marketing and customer relationship management, institutional development and transformation, management information system and others.

    The Technical Assistance Facility is made available to those institutions who have already received financial support from REGMIFA.


Know more about the Fund's resources for PLIs and the TA Facility