As an instrument to its development goals, REGMIFA’s unique capital structure embodies a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between Donors, Development Finance Institutions and International Finance Institutions, private investors and African stakeholders. This structure allows for the leverage of public funds as a risk cushion to attract significant private sector capital to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hence, REGMIFA offers a range of investment opportunities open to a wide pool of investors, from the first loss C-Share tranche for donor funded investors to purely commercial Senior Notes attractive to commercial investors. Additionally to this appropriate capital structure a comprehensive risk management offers an attractive combination of risk and return (including developmental return) depending on the profile of each class of investor.

This investor sequencing strategy seeks to meet the expectations of the investor classes in a way that benefits the Fund from a profitability and sustainability perspective.

Target investors include:

  • Public sector investors like Governments, Development Finance Institutions, International Finance Institutions and Donor organizations;
  • Institutional investors including banks, investment managers, private foundations and pension funds;
  • Private investors, including the high net worth individuals in the African diaspora and socially conscious investors within the target countries themselves.

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