The Technical Assistance (TA) Facility was established in July 2010 in parallel to the Fund and operates as a separate and independent entity, which is financed by leading international donor agencies, structured as a fiduciary agreement under Luxembourg law and managed at arm’s length from the Fund.

TA is a key element of the Investment Fund’s value proposal, enabling it to provide tailor made technical and institution building support to client Partner Lending Institutions (PLIs) funded by REGMIFA and which serve micro-entrepreneurs and small and medium sized businesses (MSMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Facility’s activities are targeted in scope, directly supporting the investment portfolio of the Fund, and complementary to other industry initiatives in the region. The approach taken for the implementation and the management of the TA Facility is based on the delivery of high quality consultancy services and the provision of services based on clients’ needs.

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