The TA Facility is established in parallel with the Fund to provide capacity building support to client PLIs in increasing their developmental impact, fostering their capacity building and enhancing their outreach. At the same time it increases the Fund’s impact on its partnering institutions by combining TA with much needed financial resources, ensuring maximized efficiency of funding and directly supporting the investment pipeline of the Fund.

The complementing of the Fund’s financial assistance to PLIs with non-financial services takes place in the areas of Technical Assistance, Consulting and Training. These efforts aim the strengthening of financial institutions and of the sector across the region and can be complementary to other industry initiatives.

The TA Facility pursues the delivery of competitive and high quality consultancy services, and believes that providing tailor made services to PLIs leads to sustainable growth of their business and to a long term partnership between them, the Fund and the TA Facility.

Finally, the provision of services based on clients’ needs and an efficient and cost effective management of the TA Facility is crucial. Defining the right services for the PLIs is based and driven by their needs. In close collaboration with the management of the institutions, the TA Facility describes the services needed and ensures a highly transparent and competitive consultant selection process, whereby it is made sure that the engaged consultants are highly experienced in their fields.



  • Focus on supporting exclusively PLIs funded by REGMIFA
  • Addressing key operational needs in PLIs through focused capacity building and consulting
  • Ensuring high ownership of the activity by the PLI, pursuing co-financing of activities in which PLIs share the costs of the consulting services, based on the size and the financial strength
  • Particular focus on small and medium PLIs in line with the Fund’s priorities