Donors and Organization

The TA Facility is proud to count on a number of very strong and highly committed internationally leading Donor Agencies, which have supported the TA Facility right from its structuring to its inception and have ensured through their committed funding the first years of operations.

To ensure correct and transparent use of the Fiduciary Assets, the TA Facility is supervised by its governance body, the TA Facility Committee, consisting of members nominated by the Donors.

The TA Facility is managed by Symbiotics SA, a specialized asset management company based in Geneva, which is at the same time the TA Facility Manager and the Fund’s Investment Manager. In its role as TA Facility Manager, Symbiotics manages the operations, liquidity and administration of the TA Facility and the whole TA cycle, from diagnosing and assessing TA needs of the TA recipients to designing TA interventions, identifying and contracting suitable consultants and monitoring and evaluating the TA projects. From inception of the TA Facility until June 2015, Symbiotics engaged Microfinanza Srl as technical advisor.

The TA Facility seeks additional funding to ensure its successful implementation of projects. If you would like to obtain more information on the TA Facility and on how you can support its operations, please contact the TA Facility Team (

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