TA Areas and Operational Info

TA Areas of Intervention

The Facility provides Technical Assistance, Consulting and Training to the Fund’s PLIs in the following areas:

  • Governance, Management, Business Planning
  • Risk Management, Internal Control
  • Loan Portfolio, Credit Products
  • Savings and Non-credit product development
  • Social Performance Management
  • Human Resources
  • Performance, Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Management Information System
  • Network Management and Reporting
  • Institutional Development and Transformation
  • Other (e.g. Leasing, Factoring, etc.)

Operational Info

The TA Facility is guided by the highest standards with regards to procurement processes. The process of consultant selection for the TA projects follows the principle of fair competition and transparency.

The Contracting Procedures contain the rules applied to all TA service contracts financed from the TA Facility of REGMIFA. The purpose of these contracting guidelines is to describe all the steps and applicable rules required to undertake contracting procedures from the very first steps to the award of contracts.

The Contracting Procedures are available to registered consultants and interested potential stakeholders in the TA Facility.